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Why link to Web for Busy people from your website?



What are the benefits of adding a link to Web For Busy People from my website ?


WebForBusyPeople.com enables people to configure their own page of useful website links, make it their homepage and then share the page with others. By making it easy for people to add your website to their page you will increase potential multiple return visits and repeat business. Your website will be listed for all of these registered users. Your web site will receive a link back for each person that adds you to their links page. This will increase your site ranking with Google and all search engines and there is no limit to how many people can add your web site.



Add an icon link on your website to WebForBusyPeople.com

Below you will see the HTML code to copy and paste into your web page HTML 
to create the following icon based web link:             



Add a small logo link on your website to WebForBusypeople.com

Below you will see the HTML code to copy and paste into your web page HTML to create an icon based web link such as the following:


To copy the icon above right click on the picture and save into your web site image directory.     


    To request your website included in a category web page contact us here for further information. 


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