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What is Web for Busy People ?
Web for Busy people gives you 2 FREE (forever) personal web pages at WFBP.com on which you can organise your favourite links in categories. 
  • Choose and name category headings and build upto 72 links on upto 2 free pages! 

  • Add new favourites in seconds and find your favourite links in seconds.

  • Add secure notes next to your link so you never forget passwords or log in details

  • Share your links with friends, business colleagues, groups, site visitors, clubs or teams.

  • Allow friends to change links or see notes - or choose to keep them password protected


How do I use Web For Busy People ?


You can use any of the ready made page links listed in categories such as business or fashion straightaway. 

If you want to set up personal pages of web links then Register and your links can be securely saved for next time. 

Once you create your pages we will show you how to set Web For Busy People as your Browser Homepage and every time you start your Browser session your web links will appear in front of you ready to go.     


How are Web For Busy People pages organised ?
All registered members of Web For Busy People are provided with 2 initial free web pages for links. 

Each of these pages has one main title at the top which you can choose yourself. On each page are 6 sub sections which can hold up to 12 web links each. You can also choose a title for each of these 6 sub sections. This allows for 72 web links to be entered on each of page. 

In additional you can add a further 16 web links into your favourite links section. These favourites will always appear on each of your pages and also on all of the ready made category pages as well and also if you are looking at someone else's own page.    


Can I see my personal page of web links every time I start my browser ?
Yes. This is what an Internet Browser refers to as being the Home Page. In the top bar menu options of your Browser you will find a section called 'Tools' or 'Options'. 

In here you will find 'Internet options' or 'Home Page' option which contains your current default web page that appears when you start a Browser session. Just replace the current page with the full website address from the top of your own links page. 

You can copy and paste this into your Browser Home Page option by highlighting the web address from the browser window and then copying and pasting it across.    


Can I keep my web links private ?


When you create or amend one of your personal pages of web links you are given the option to password protect your page using the Web for Busy People admin password that you set up when you registered. If this option is selected then no one else on the Internet can see your web page. 

However if you wish friends and family to see and use your web links then you can choose a second access password for them to use. Either of the two passwords will allow access, whilst preventing everyone else from gaining access.       


Can I share my pages and let my friends and family add extra links ?
Yes.  You can invite friends to view your pages.  

When you allocate a second access password to your page you can also specify whether sharers can have 'read only' access or 'update access'. If you select the update access option then sharers will see the Edit option in the top corner of each sub section. 

If they click on this then it will allow them to add, change or delete one of your web links. They will be invited to register with Web For Busy People and their changes will be tracked. They will not see your personal favourites sections (pink sections) and will be able to add their own favourites to the page. Shared sections of links will be the blue sections on the page. 

Sharers will be able to access the shared links at the same time. Your sharers will be able to add or amend any of the shared links if you give them 'update access' rights. If they amend a link it will show on your page when you next access the page..


Can I add any notes against each of my individual web links ?

After adding a web link a small notepad icon will appear next to the web link entry. 

Click on this to add up to 200 characters of information in a clickable note against that web link. From that point onwards a small notepad icon will appear next to this web link on your page, which if clicked will display your saved information. 

You have the option to make this information secure by password protecting it. You can use your Web For Busy People log in password or allocate a second access password for friends and family to have access to the password protected notes. We advise not to make notes of sensitive data or passwords. 


Can I create a list of all my favourite Web for Busy People pages ?


At top right of each of your personal pages and on every ready made category page your choice of 16 most favourite Web For Busy People pages will appear. 

You can create a favourite list that is made up of a mixture of your personal pages and any of the ready made category pages.  

At the top left of every page your 16 favourite web sites list will always appear. You can share any one of your own or the ready made category pages at Web for Busy People pages with friends, family or interest groups -  but your favourite lists of web sites and pages (in the pink sections) will not appear on the page that you send them. 

The favourites sections will appear blank for the friend to add their own.  


Can I purchase additional web link pages if I need more ?
Yes - This option will be available very soon.


How secure is the information which I include in my personal pages?
Your personal pages are not shared with any other users of Web for Busy People unless you wish them to be by sending them the link or secondary password details. 

You should never reveal your Web For Busy People Admin password to anyone. All notes details are saved in a fully encrypted format. 


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